Ingalls homestead

A while ago we went to the Ingalls homestead (as in Laura Ingalls Wilder). It was so fun with lots of hands-on actives like mowing the lawn with a push reel mower, making a jump rope, and making cornhusk people. I also got to drive a team of horses, pumped water from a well, go to a prairie school, and wash my shirt like Laura did. Finally, we got to ride a horse, sharpen a knife on a whetstone, grind wheat and corn, and shell the corn with a grinder.

There where lots of animals there too like: kittens, chickens, and a calf. We had so much fun we decided to stay the whole day. The Ingalls homestead really lets you experience how they lived.

Here’s a link to my mom’s post of her time at the Ingalls homestead 

4 thoughts on “Ingalls homestead”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Hunter. I should go there and maybe I could drive the horses too. New experience for me too.

  2. Is this the one by De Smet? It was one of our family’s favorite places we’ve ever been! The boys loved playing with the kittens in the barn. Hayden bought a stuffed kitten as a souvenir and still has it. đŸ™‚

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