Children’s museum

On our trip we went to the children’s museum in Normal, IL. It was so cool! They’re where three whole floors. The first floor was all about people and how we work; there was even an automatic measuring machine and a drum that drummed to my heartbeat.

On the second floor the theme was farming and food. There where little yellow plastic balls symbolizing grain and you can send them through air tubes to go to: farms (plastic cows you can “milk”) processing (where you can “auger” them) and export (a toy village). There was also a huge climbing area and a Rube Goldberg machine (here’s a video).

On the third floor everything was music based, you could even conduct a orchestra with a Wii remote.

The children’s museum was really a fun learning experience.


Ingalls homestead

A while ago we went to the Ingalls homestead (as in Laura Ingalls Wilder). It was so fun with lots of hands-on actives like mowing the lawn with a push reel mower, making a jump rope, and making cornhusk people. I also got to drive a team of horses, pumped water from a well, go to a prairie school, and wash my shirt like Laura did. Finally, we got to ride a horse, sharpen a knife on a whetstone, grind wheat and corn, and shell the corn with a grinder.

There where lots of animals there too like: kittens, chickens, and a calf. We had so much fun we decided to stay the whole day. The Ingalls homestead really lets you experience how they lived.

Here’s a link to my mom’s post of her time at the Ingalls homestead 

City museum

Today we went to a city museum in St. Louis. First of all, it’s made out of an old building and recycled materials–like old pieces of smooth glass or non-sharp metal, sounds fun right? But it was actually one of the most fun places I have ever been to in my life! The indoor stuff was really cool. There were cement caves like a maze in the ground. There was also a huge wooden tree house like the caves, but in the air. Then we saw a funny magic show. But outside was the biggest and most recycled yet! You could climb around in the sky in old planes, towers and machinery, with walk/crawl ways between it all.


There was also a big ball arena that got pretty wild. But the roof of the building was definitely the best. There was a Ferris wheel and some slides (not the little ones either) and a pond you could skip across on rocks–my foot fell in! There was even a bus that you could go in that hung over the side of the building!

city museum

But the best part of the whole museum was the 40-foot slide. First, you had to climb up to the giant metal praying mantis, then you slid all the way down, you even went underground a little! The city museum was definitely the best part of my trip to St. Louis.

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